How UptimeRobot grew from 0 to 600,000 users

December 5, 2018 in Time Hacker

Meet Umut Muhaddisoğlu, the co-founder of UptimeRobot, the world’s largest uptime monitoring service.

He founded and grew his company from a small side project to a service with more than 600,000 users over the course of 6 years.

It’s an incredible story.

I sat down with Omer to get an inside look at some of the methods and techniques behind the rapid growth for the his company. 

  • How did he decide to build UptimeRobot?
  • What’s the founding story? How did this service start?
  • What does a typical day in Omer’s life look like?
  • What are the key lifestyle habits that keep him productive every day?

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We interviewed the CEO of a SaaS that raised >$4.5m, here’s what we learned

November 16, 2018 in Time Hacker
Omer Molad

Omer Molad

Meet Omer Malad, he’s a co-founder and CEO of Vervoe, an AI-powered skill-testing solution to help companies hire the best candidates.  

His company has raised $4,500,000 and acquired over 4,000 customers, most of them small businesses. They’ve recently started to expand into acquiring larger and even larger customers… 💸

I sat down with Omer to get an inside look at some of the secrets behind his success as an entrepreneur. 

  1. What’s the founding story? How did all this start?
  2. What are the actionable tips and tricks for organizing his team and work?
  3. What are the core beliefs and thought processed that led to Omer’s success
  4. What does a typical day look like?
  5. What are the key lifestyle habits that keep him grinding every day?

We’ve learned a lot, it’s a great read and we’re sure you’ll learn a bunch, so lets hop right into it! Continue reading »

Here’s our anti-term sheet for VCs… Do you have yours?

November 6, 2018 in GipsyTime

Pretty soon GipsyBot will embark on a fundraising journey, naturally I’ve started thinking about the most productive way to find the “perfect VC”.

I’ve read enough blogs posts on fundraising, they all focus on the same thing: how to pitch.

But few of them talk about the selection process from a founders’ standpoint.

And for me, at least at this stage, that’s far more important than my deck or the size of my raise.

I want to look forward to board meetings.

I don’t want to view them as a chore.

Similar to how one would write a criteria for finding someone to share their life once they decide they want to get married, I started creating a list of the things I’m looking forward from our future VC partner.

This post from Paul Graham on what to look for in a founder also inspired me.

So below are the attributes I’ll be looking for in my VC dating game: Continue reading »

Slack task management – how to effectively manage to-do’s with Slack

October 31, 2018 in Time Hacker

Slack Task Management

You’ve probably been in this situation…

You’ve just got out of an interview with a potential new hire and you’ve only got 5 minutes until your next meeting

You open slack…


Now you’ve only got 5 minutes to:

  1. Respond to your CEO
  2. Assign tasks to your developer and social media marketer
  3. Do it in a way so it can be tracked

Sound familiar? If you’re anything like me…

This happens more often than you’d like. Continue reading »

A zen master’s guide to starting a journal – everything you need to know

October 30, 2018 in Lifestyle


The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways that I have found to consistently ensure improving my well being and happiness. Both in terms of achievement and actual measurable, quantifiable results.

  • Tim Ferris

I bet you’re reading this and thinking…

“Journaling? Why do I care about journaling?” 

You might picture a teenage girl, laying on her bed with her feet waving in the air and writing about her crush in a pink diary .


That’s the association a lot of people have.

That journaling is for young people who are trying to discover themselves and deal with their emotions and hormones.

But that’s not at all what journaling is about. Continue reading »

What I tried at the Bulletproof Labs (a playground for adults)

October 29, 2018 in Time Hacker

I’ve been following Dave Asprey (the “inventor” of the BulletProof coffee) for many years now. I used to enjoy reading about his relentless efforts to make himself live longer and healthier through unorthodox ways.

I’ve read all his books and I think he inspired some great threads in the biohacking world. I have fallen off his fan list a year or so ago when I felt his actions were driven by the desire to make a profit more than by his drive to make others achieve their health goals.

I still enjoy reading his published work and most importantly I love that he created a playground for “biohackers” at the BulletProof lab in Santa Monica in Los Angeles. You’re supposed to get a week worth of gym workout in 20 minutes in this place

Every time I go I have a lot of fun trying devices I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. There’s no place like it. The only regret I have is , because i don’t live full time in LA, I don’t have to the opportunity to do a full run of training that can show me net improvements.

Here’s what I tried so far Continue reading »

My experience at 1440 Multiversity (a summer camp for adults)

October 24, 2018 in Time Hacker

I really dislike cooking. So much so that my biggest dream is that someday I will have a personal chef. One who’s as obsessive on macros and nutrients and latest data on longevity and health factors as I am.

Until then I sort my One Meal a Day (OMAD) on my own (I do OMAD because it saves me about 14 hours a week time and data shows it’s most effective way to keep your body in great shape) Continue reading »

How should you display comments in your app?

October 22, 2018 in Product

Comments are a good way to create engagement within your app and most importantly create value to users/visitors by allowing them collaborate and/or express their opinions

You can show comments in social media app, on a blog post/video, on a question/answers app or in a collaborative app. Within all these options – what’s the best way to display comments to your users? In the chronological order? Show most recent first? Or show top comments (most popular first)?

Today we had to decide how to show comments on tasks in our app. Because every decision we make has to be well documented (and made publicly available) I thought I might as well make fully public. Here’s the way I think of it… Continue reading »

Keto Summit – Day 1 Recap

October 14, 2018 in Time Hacker

Ever since my neighbor, who was a second mom to me, died suddenly when I was a kid I just thought life is short. And that you just suddenly die even if you are healthy.

This “hypothesis” was confirmed to me later on in college when a friend who looked super lean and as strong as an ox died of heart disease.

So I was sure that by 30 I will just die.

Now that I’m past 30, not dead, and with a baby on the way I feel I want to optimize as much as possible every second I have. For as long as I can possibly can. Continue reading »